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Dear Members please check your membership card and renew your membership using Electric Funds Transfer (EFT) a renewal form is available on this website.




Dear Members  -  AGM notice/reminder.

Our Annual General Meeting will be held this year on Sunday 25th March commencing at 10.00am at RAR Assoc SA HQ, 13 Beatty St Linden Park.


Please refer to the attached AGM notice from Secretary Carol Van Der Peet and Vice President Jeff Barrett for important information regarding election nominations for vacant committee posts.

Please remember that nominations for committee positions can only be accepted from ‘financial’ members so please check your membership renewal date and renew your subs if necessary before the AGM.


Kind Regards,

David White – 3 RAR SA Assoc Inc


Website – www.3rarsa.org.au



Ps. The RAR Assoc SA are having a ‘wine appreciation’ afternoon commencing at 12 noon (after the AGM).

     Bookings for this event are essential.


     RSVP 18th March  -  RAR Club Manager Greg Dwiar

     Mob 0412 644 749  

     Email gregdwiar@gmail.com